A space to share GOOD OPPORTUNITIES & IDEAS to finance our projects.

A fundraising tool for our desires. That we love to spread & share!!

It was born to sell OUR THINGS. Things that are part of our history, of our home. Things that fulfill us every time we look at hem. Things that can help us to realize our desires. We made jumble sales, and many people have got inspired and done it there own way. That is one of our purposes!! Each time someone bought one of our objects or support opportunities, the money went directly to the DESIRE to which it belongs.

Now we share ideas & opportunities we think can help and give more options!! and also give support to projects.

we can’t do it alone, we need your help in many ways!!! send us info of ideas or opportunities you know, send us projects or things ‘touched’ your heart and you want us to spread!!! come to us with any thing you think can help all of us!!

THANK YOU and we are waiting you!!!


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